Selections allows you to compare data from various microarray experiments using the Stage 2 visualizations such as grouped bar charts, heatmaps, calendar heatmaps, force graphs and correlation maps.

Saving Selections

After you have made your selections, either using the bar charts or while inputting your data into GLAD, you can save them into a text file on your computer at any time during the analysis. This means you can save a selections file containing all your data, or you can even save selection files in which you have filtered out some data to highlight an observation.

To save a selection:

  1. Click on the  button.
  2. Then under the “Save your Selections” click on the Save selections button.
  3. Follow the prompts to save the .txt file in a location of your choice.

Loading Selections

To load selections:

  1. Click on the Save Load Selections button.
  2. Under the “Load your Selections” section, click on the  button.
  3. Locate your selections file and open it.
  4. Click on the load selections to load the selections.
    • You can load the selections to add to the current selections by checking the “Add to current selections” option. This allows you to load in data from several different selection files.
    • Alternatively if you deselect the “Add to current selections” option, only the selections from the file will be loaded into GLAD.