In order to facilitate conversion of large number of data files from Excel to the GLAD format, we have created a Excel Macro Workbook to help generate the GLAD files.

The ExceltoGLAD tool will help you convert your existing microarray data into the GLAD format for multiple files in a quick manner.


  1. Download a copy of the ExceltoGLAD.xlsm (MS Excel macro-enabled workbook).
  2. Place the ExceltoGLAD.xlsm file in the directory containing all the data files.
    Note- Data files and the path to your files should not have characters like periods “.” or commas “,” except for before the file extension. Underscores are ok to be used. For example:
    “sample1.xlsm” and “sample_1.xlsm” is ok but not “sample.1.xlsm”.
  3. Very important: Create a backup of all your data files before you begin.
  4. If your data files are in xlsm format (if data already in xlsx format, skip this step)
    1. Convert your data files to xlsx from xlsm using the macro1_saveasxlsx macro
    2. Move the xlsm data files out of the directory into some other directory and keep only the xlsx files along with this file
  5. If your files are in xlsx format and you want to create the GLAD sheet (if xlsx files already have a worksheet with GLAD data formatted, skip this step.
    1. Fill out the Section “For Creating the GLAD Sheet” below and the Name of the GLAD sheet in Data files in E15
    2. Run the Macro macro2_createGLADSheetinAll. This will open all the files in the directory and create the GLAD sheets based on the details you provide below.
  6. If your xlsx files already have a sheet with the GLAD data
    1. Enter the information below in E14, E15 and N15. Note- do not change the location of these cells
    2. Run the macro “exportsSheetsToTextForAll”

Note: While these macros are running, please do not do anything else on the computer and do not let your computer go to sleep or lock.

Quick Guide Video


  • 2018-10-16- v1.0 Released