Grouped Bar Charts allows users to compare small sets of data side by side. It is usually useful to filter data to relatively small number of samples and glycans and then plot a Grouped Bar Chart in order to see the differences more closely.

Creating and Navigating a Grouped Bar Chart

  1. Make sure your selections are loaded and filtered appropriately
  2. Check the Grouped Bar Chart settings by clicking the  next to the button.
  3. Click on the Grouped Bar Chart button to create the Grouped Bar Chart.
  4. You can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom into and out of different regions of the Grouped Bar Chart to take a close look.
  5. When zoomed in, you can click and drag the plot area to pan the remaining chart.
  6. Putting the mouse over the bars reveals more details about the data in the top left corner, and you can even view the glycan structure if the Glycan Structure drawer is open.

Settings for Grouped Bar Charts

  1. Grouped Bar Chart SettingsBy default, the bars are grouped together based on the Name criteria of the glycans. Uncheck “Group bars by Name” if you would like the bars to be grouped by their ID.
  2. By default, the bars are sorted by the glycan ID from the original microarray data, however, if you would like the bars to be sorted by Name then check the “Sort by Name” option.