The Normalize Data option allows you to normalize the data. Normalizing the data allows you to better compare data between experiments where the scan settings or some other factors may have caused a different overall binding. When data normalization is performed the following occurs:

  1. The highest RFU (Relative Fluorescence Units) for each individual experiment is found from the selections.
  2. The RFU value of individual data points is recalculated as :
    (RFU value/Max RFU for Experiment) * Normalize Value

The default Normalize Value we have selected is 65000, as that is the maximum value of the Genepix microarray scanner used by us. However, you can normalize the data to any scale you like by changing the value in the settings by clicking on the cog wheel , and changing the “Normalize to Value” field.

Note: Be cautious of normalizing data after filtering. Data normalization performed after filtering can sometimes yield very biased results.