2019-04-29: v2.0

Additions and Improvements:

  • Added ability to save and load session.
    • You can now save your entire session i.e. the settings for the different plots and all the data manipulations you have performed and reload this in.
    • There is also an option to view your data manipulations history to show all the data manipulations performed step by step. Making it easier to check what was done.
  • Glycan Structure can now draw Glycopeptides using { } to enclose the glycoamino acids. For example if the name was “AKA{Galb1-3GalNAca1-T}EPPEL{GalNAca1-T}”.
  • Glycan Structure draws fucoses better now. Now provides 4 options on how to draw fucoses.
  • Glycan Structure also puts the linkage text along the link so that it can be easier to follow.
  • Added ability to save the structure files as SVG.
  • Added ability to see suggested glycan class in the “Selected Structures” popup. Note- this is still not perfected and can be erroneous for some glycans so use with caution.
  • Added ability to change the sample names after adding it along with the sample colors.
  • Added ability to “Discard Unmatched Data” to eliminate differences between arrays for better comparisons.
  • Improvements in Filter and Sort:
    • Added ability to filter and sort by terminal monosaccharides.
      • To perform a terminal monosaccharide filter include ‘T:’ before the monosaccharide, for example, the query ‘T:Fuca,T:GlcNAc’ with the option And will filter all glycans which have terminal Fuca and terminal GlcNAc.
    • Added ability to filter by cutoff and filter by rank.
      • Also added ability to keep data for all samples even if binding to one sample during filter by cutoff or by rank because a glycan may show high binding in one sample but not the others, but it may be useful to see the data for that glycan among all the samples. This allows you keep the data for the glycan in all samples even if it binds in one or more samples for comparisons.
    • Added ability to type range for Filter and Sort by ID. i.e. “10-15,30-40” a range can be specified like glycans 10-15 and 30-40.
  • Improvements to Bubble Box Plots:
    • Clicking on the bubbles now freezes the view for the glycan so that you can take a snapshot.
    • Ctrl+click in the plot now adds the glycan to the Selected Structures
    • Improved grouping of data in bubble box plots to filter sample lists and select all samples filtered. This makes it much more easier to select the samples which belong in a group.
    • Added ability to customize size of the Bubble Box Plot
    • Added ability to customize the Y-axis range
    • Added ability to update the plot with the new settings so that grouped data remains grouped.
    • Bubble Box Plots can now calculate ANOVA followed by Tukey HSD (Honestly Significant Difference) analysis to show which samples are significantly different based on their average binding on the array.
    • Added ability to filter grouped data – but this still lacks an undo option so suggest saving your session before filtering).
  • Improvements in heatmap:
    • Added a rotation function to heatmaps which allows user to flip the heatmap orientation by 90 degrees
    • Added click to highlight row and column feature
  • Improvements in Correlation Map
    • Added ability to select the limit of agreement for the Bland Altman Plot as a setting
    • Added ability to add structures to selected structures by ctrl + click in scatter plot or Bland Altman Plot
  • Improved legends for Grouped Bar charts, Force Graphs and Bubble Box Plots

Fixed Issues:

    • Fixed issue with bubble box plot cutting the labels and last data points.
    • Fixed issue with correlation maps getting cut off for large correlations (>70 samples)
    • Fixed issues with correlation maps following glycans. The glycans should now follow in both the Bland Altman and Scatter Plots
    • Saving selections now uses Blob type to allow for very large selections to be saved.

2018-12-31: v1.1

  • Added Bubble Box plot
    • This chart has the ability to show the data as a scatter plot which can be spread as beeswarm like data.
    • The chart also creates box plots, and can show the mean
    • You can also group data to get aggregate statistics
  • Added Bland Altman Plot for Pearson Correlation Map
  • Improved Pearson correlation map colors- now makes scatter plots based on Bar color and uses the highlight color for the color when selecting data points.
  • Fixed bug in Force Graph – does not show Name2

2018-11-07: v1.0 Launched